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Short Course to Long Course Time Conversions

When entering Long Course (50m pool) events entry times must be Long Course based

If a swimmer does not have a Long Course time of the event, or a time that is valid,  for certain gala's it is acceptable to convert a swimmers Short Course (25m pool) time, this is done using the following process

Go to the Pullbuoy  website at

 Once you get the PullBouy Time Conversions screen up

     1 - Select Short Course to Long Course in the first box

     2 - Then select the event e.g. 50 Freestyle

     3 - Then select Gender e.g. Female

     4 - Then enter the Short Course Time e.g  00:29.83

     5 - Click on the ASA Tables Button 

and hey presto you should get a converted time of 00:30.53


Steve Jones

Competition Secretary

March 2013