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Merry Christmas and a happy new year to ALL Southwold Swimmers and Parents. Training will resume on the 4th of January

Short Course to Long Course Time Conversions

When entering Long Course (50m pool) events entry times must be Long Course based

If a swimmer does not have a Long Course time of the event, or a time that is valid,  for certain gala's it is acceptable to convert a swimmers Short Course (25m pool) time, this is done using the following process

Go to the Pullbuoy  website at

 Once you get the PullBouy Time Conversions screen up

     1 - Select Short Course to Long Course in the first box

     2 - Then select the event e.g. 50 Freestyle

     3 - Then select Gender e.g. Female

     4 - Then enter the Short Course Time e.g  00:29.83

     5 - Click on the ASA Tables Button 

and hey presto you should get a converted time of 00:30.53


Steve Jones

Competition Secretary

March 2013