** A fabulous weekend at the May meet, thanks to all that attended and helped out, we hope swimmers enjoyed their weekend. We look forward to you joining us next year **

Southwold Team Gala Rules

All swimmers are responsible for checking the information regarding events, which will be communicated via the web site and Swimclubmanager e-mail. 

  • It is important to note the time of each session, the warm up and the location of the event, and for non-local galas, what time the bus leaves.
  • All swimmers are generally responsible for their own transportation to and from events, except for some non-local galas.
  • Swimmers should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled warm up time.
  • Once changed the swimmers must report to the COACH and TEAM MANAGER on the poolside to be checked in.
  • All swimmers MUST wear Southwold club clothing on poolside and if swimmers wear a swim cap it must be a Southwold Club one. I f they fail to do so they may be excluded from the events they are swimming on that particular day.
  • All swimmers receiving medals and awards must wear Southwold club clothing on their upper body.
  • Swimmers must remain in the team area whilst waiting for events.
  • Swimmers must remain until the end of the gala and support the team
  • Swimmers must ask the TEAM MANAGER for permission before they leave the team area for any reason.