Land training (Charlotte)

To develop, an athletic swimmer requires more than training in the swimming pool. Although exercise in water has a certain amount of resistance against the pressure of the water, it is not nearly as great as can be achieved with exercising on land. Mobility, stability and learning the correct way to perform fundamental movement patterns is an essential part of swim training at an early age. It is also key to injury prevention and body conditioning. To increase the strength of the body it is therefore necessary to have a land training regime which initially should include the fundamentals of movement and body weight exercises.

Think resistance training – not weightlifting.  According to a recent statement by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (as reported on Reuters Health), “Resistance training – which can include light free weights, resistance bands or medicine balls, as well as push-ups and other body-weight-bearing exercises – can benefit young bodies and prepare them for active lives.”

Youtube video with resistance bands and foam rollers

Useful websites

This website explains the importance of strength based training for the future (focused at elite adults, but may well relate to the older children (16 plus)

Josh's quote of the week

This week my quote is not written by myself and since we are nearing the end of the season can actually be  applied to life out of the pool so here it is: “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” Napoleon Hill

Josh Holloway's (Chair of Swimmers' Council)   quote of last week

My quote is a simple one for this week but means a lot: Work ALWAYS Works.