Southwold Swimming Club

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**Celebrating 50 years of Southwold Swimming Club**

Founders Trophy Gala

The Founders’ Trophy Gala celebrates the history of Southwold Swimming Club. The event is both friendly and competitive, reflecting the two most important aspects of the club’s culture. All swimmers are eligible to compete and there are races for everyone. The rules are set to ensure all swimmers get a chance to swim an equal amount of races. Swimmers are placed in teams to create an even balance of abilities - the aim being to give each team a real chance of winning. We endeavour to put all swimmers from a particular family in the same team. 

The teams are named after founder members of Southwold Swimming Club, namely; Buckley, Finch, Guy, Jeal, Russell and Tily;  thereby keeping our history alive.  The health of the Club is partly measured on the success of club events such as the Founders’ Trophy Gala.