** A fabulous weekend at the May meet, thanks to all that attended and helped out, we hope swimmers enjoyed their weekend. We look forward to you joining us next year **

Southwold Girls Swim Britain Challenge


On Sunday 14th September Lexie Burdis, Skye Jee, Jess Swales and Katie Pellow took part in one of this year's Swim Britain challenges.

Swim Britain is a series of fun relay events across Britain which are open to people of all ages and abilities, including Olympic and Commonwealth swimmers, club swimmers and families. The aim is to promote and encourage more people to take up swimming.

The girls had to cover a distance of 2000m between the four of them, which they considered much easier than a previous Friday night's training session!

They all swum really well and their combined time placed them second in the Bristol event and they are currently 8th across Britain. The winning team was headed up by Commonwealth medallist Andrew Willis. 

Our team of girls got to meet several of the GB swimming team who were there to provide encouragement and swimming tips, and pictured below are the girls receiving their medals from Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer Michael Jamieson.


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