** A fabulous weekend at the May meet, thanks to all that attended and helped out, we hope swimmers enjoyed their weekend. We look forward to you joining us next year **

Competition Squads

Swimmers are only accepted into competition groups by demonstration of adequate standard at a trial and acceptance of the commitment needed to progress.

2019/20 Season training groups are:-

Performance & Junior Performance:   - Swimmers of generally Regional standard or the potential to become Regional standard who are prepared, along with their parents, to specialise in competitive swimming as a main sport. This will mean at least 5 sessions per week ‘average’over the complete season and high competition commitment for Performance Swimmers. Junior Performance swimmers are generally younger and expected to train slightly less but increasing to Performance levels as they progress.

Academy: – Swimmers of Club standard who should generally be expected to achieve County qualification times.

Junior Club: - Higher ability swimmers, unable or unprepared, to commit to the necessary levels of training for optimal competitive development.

Masters: – Our older swimmers who are still of competition standard but may no longer train as regularly as they once did.

Skills 1 & Skills 2: -  Transition groups from Swim Development for swimmers to further develop their competitive skills, stroke technique and fitness before ‘streaming’ into higher groups

Training is usually arranged with multiple groups accessing the pool space at the same time. Swimmers from different groups may be mixed together in the same lanes for the purposes of training efficiency or group transitional reasons, at the discretion of the coaches.